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Support Foundation Agriculture Kilangala & Surroundings.

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The following major stakeholders can be identified.

1. The inhabitants of Kilangala and surroundings

Kilangala is located in the Rukwa Region (Tanzania). The area is very suitable for agriculture. The population is, however, very poor. The small farmers do not sufficiently succeed in benefiting from the opportunities that agriculture offers them. It is important to realise that the services that Kilangala Mission provides to the people in the area are of great importance because of a lack of alternatives. The intended cooperative is to become a major vehicle to improve their livelihoods.

2. Those working in the various branches of work

Kilangala Mission altogether employs over 20 people (both men and women) as teachers, supervisors, medical doctors, nurses and assistants. Besides the various employees, the station offers shelter and living quarters to vocational students, orphaned children and kindergarten pupils. Moreover, the small hospital regularly hosts various patients.

3. Several foundations in the Netherlands and Canada

There are currently five foundations working for the Mission Kilangala in various ways. These are: Trijntje Beimers Stichting from the Netherlands, Kilangala Friends from Canada , Stichting Protans from the Netherlands with a focus on eduaction, the het Zeister Zendingsgenootschap and us as Solko focusing on the agricultural project.

Financial support is given by the ASN bank.

The administration of SOLKO Netherlands consists of the following members:

Chairman of the board: Lolke Kampen
Member: Wilco Haanstra
Member: Ruurd Siderius
Member: Sietse Ybema

Solko is supported by:

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