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Support Foundation Agriculture Kilangala & Surroundings.

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Solko is connected with Kilangala Mission, which over the years developed a number of social activities that have been of great benefit to the local people. These include a small hospital, a vocational school, an orphanage and a kindergarten.

Kilangala is located near the city of Sumbawanga (see map) in the Rukwa Region, near the border of Congo and Zambia. Kilangala Mission is part of the Good Samaritan Aid Mission (which is officially registered as a legal entity).

The social activities of Kilangala Mission are mostly financed by means of donations from the Dutch Trijntje Beimers Foundation in the Netherlands and the Friends of Kilangala Foundation in Canada. The kindergarten is financed by the Dutch Protans Foundation. Occasionally, subsidies are obtained to realise special priorities.

People increasingly realise that to sustain the various social activities dependence on foreign aid should be reduced. It is necessary to also generate local income that can be (at least partly) used to keep up the necessary budgets. However, how can this be done? An important source for local income is farming. To work this out, SOLKO was established; its membership consists of the representatives of the existing local activities.

SOLKO is going to execute two major tasks. Firstly, the company will run a central farm whose profits will be made available for the funding of the previously mentioned social activities. Profits will be channelled to the various activities of Kilangala Mission on a budgeting and control system. Secondly, it will give support to a new cooperative of local farmers who are interested in producing products for the market. This activity seeks to increase the farmers’ income and reduce their poverty.

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