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Support Foundation Agriculture Kilangala & Surroundings.

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There is a central farm on Kilangala mission. The farm is supervised by Mr. Evarist Pastory. Mr. Pastory exchanges information with the Solko board and acts in order with the made agreements.

Mr. Pastory talks about his plans with the fields.

The following products will be grown: corn, beans, sunflower, wheat, millet and smale scale vegetable crop. As long as the profit allows the goal is to expand the area year by year. On longer term the local people can be invited to form a cöoperative. This farm is also a fundament for the agricultural teachings that will be given on Kilangala mission.

The main mission is to generate healthy products from the soil, a healthy profit for Kilangala Mission and a profound learning center for the people of Kilangala Mission and surroundings.

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